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Transmitter Design, Development, Simulation, and Prototyping

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When all is said and done, any RF design or microwave design revolves around the design of an RF or microwave transmitter and an RF or microwave receiver. The distinction between RF and microwave is basically one of frequency; RF frequencies are lower than microwave frequencies. There is no formal distinction, but I generally consider RF design and RF system design to be circuit design under about 2 GHz and microwave circuit design to be circuit and system design above 2 GHz.


Over the years, Aerospace Consulting has worked on the design, simulation, development, and prototyping of dozens of transmitter designs ranging from frequencies of a few MHz to over 20 GHz.


A transmitter consists, basically, of a source of an electromagnetic signal. That signal can be a very simple source such as a SAW resonator transmitter, that transmits a continuous or coded signal at a given frequency, to a highly complex transmitter using some form of complex (IQ) modulation at power levels of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of watts. In other words, transmitters can range from a simple SAW or other single frequency transmitter used for opening garage doors, turning on surveillance cameras, or setting off alarms, to complex transmitters such as TV and satellite transmitters, as well as cellular transmitters such as those used in cell phones and cellular base stations.


Aerospace Consulting can work with you to design transmitters from the simplest to the most complex. Examples of simple transmitters include:


Garage door openers -- and many similar, simple, applications


Key fob transmitters -- what do you want to control?


Transmitters designed to allow you to find things, like keys or remote controls -- many different technologies can be used, or combined


Micro-miniature transmitters using SAW devices -- how small can you get?


The next level of complexity involves the transmission of data. This would include such things as:


Telemetry transmitters -- both earth-bound and for missiles, rockets, and aircraft.


Voice and data transmitters to transmit things like temperature, pressure,

    video, remote control of robotic systems and other items.


Transmitters to transmit a combination of control, data, voice, video, and

   other things.


Zigbee transmitters -- by using networks, you can get almost unlimited



Bluetooth transmitters -- one of our clients achieved a range of over 100



No matter what kind of transmitter you need designed, Aerospace Consulting can help you design, develop, simulate, and prototype your RF and microwave transmitter.


To support our transmitter design efforts, Aerospace Consulting has a number of simulation tools that allow us to accurately model circuits and systems and to provide clients with the fastest time to market with the best design at the lowest cost. RF and microwave transmitter circuit and system design tools include:


Keysight (formerly Agilent) Genesys Design and Simulation Suite

    Genesys -- Linear circuit design simulation

    Harbec -- non-linear circuit design simulation

    Cayenne -- non-linear, time domain, circuit design simulation

    A/filter -- analog filter design, synthesis, and simulation

    M/filter  -- microwave filter design, synthesis, and simulation

    PLL  -- phase locked loop design and simulation

    Oscillator -- oscillator design, development, and simulation

    Momentum GXF -- 2-1/2D electromagnetic simulation for filter and

        antenna design

    Spectrasys -- frequency domain system analysis

    WhatIf Frequency Planner -- essential for the designing any

        communications system that uses mixing


Keysight (formerly Agilent) SystemVue

    System simulation and design package for baseband, RF, and

    microwave systems


Matlab -- mathematical calculation and modeling


Intuspice IntuSpice -- SPICE non-linear circuit simulator


Altium Designer and Nanoboard -- for circuit board layout and development

     of embedded hardware and software systems using including Xilinx



To ensure that our RF circuit design and microwave circuit design simulations are accurate, we use the full model suite for Genesys from Modelithics. These include substrate scalable models for inductors, capacitors, resistors, and non-linear active devices such as bipolar transistors, FETs, MESFETS, LDMOS devices, MOSFETs, PHEMTs, and other non-linear devices. These are used for filter design, amplifier design, and general circuit design.

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