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Software Defined Radio Design, Development, and Research

AD9268 A/D converter for SDR design, development, prototyping, software defined radio
AD9910 1 GSPS DDS for software defined radio design, development, prototyping, SDR

For many years, the software defined radio, or SDR, was considered the ultimate goal for radio architectures. Finally, thanks to the offerings from several companies, including Analog Devices, Semtech, Maxim, NXP, Aviacom, Lime Microsystems and others, wideband, multi-purpose software defined radios are now a reality.


These radio chips greatly simplify the design of new radio products since the chips handle both the RF and baseband processing. Also, most are transceivers, eliminating the need, and complexity, of designing, and getting to operate together, transmitters and receivers in the same package.


Also, some of these chips contain multiple, independent, transceivers. This makes possible the design of MIMO systems, as well as highly complex test equipment, such as network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and vector signal analyzers at a fraction of the cost, and with far less circuit and packaging complexity, compared to test equipment developed as recently as a couple of years ago.


Also, these integrated chips offer fantastic platforms for the development of new military radio systems and radar systems.


If you want to develop a new radio using these new technologies, call Aerospace Consulting. We'd love to work with you on your new product design.

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