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RF and Microwave Circuit and System Design, Development, Simulation, and Prototyping

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RF design and microwave design has been the basis of most the the work that Aerospace Consulting has performed over the last 30+ years. RF circuit design is not like most electronic circuit design because the components,and even the circuit boards, do not perform at rf frequencies like they do at lower frequencies. And, these problems become even more pronounced when performing microwave circuit design. Many people consider both RF design and microwave design to be some sort of black magic, but nothing could be further from the truth. But, even more so that with conventional electronic circuit design, rf and microwave circuits need to be carefully simulated. And, the simulation tools need accurate models.


Aerospace Consulting is a product design company that specializes in rf circuit and system design an microwave circuit and system design. Aerospace Consulting has the necessary simulation tools and laboratory test equipment to quickly and cost effectively prototype your new product design. And, once the prototype is designed and developed, we can guide you to companies that can produce your new product design in any quantity desired. We can also help you with rf design and microwave design if you are doing it yourself but need some help, simulation, troubleshooting, or training.


RF, microwave, and wireless circuits and systems that we excel at designing and developing include:


Transmitter design


Receiver design


Transceiver design


Low noise amplifier (LNA)


RF power amplifier


Microstrip, patch, miniature, and embedded antennas








Low power communications systems


Short range communications systems


Key fob systems


Internet of Thins


M2M (Machine to Machine)




Telemetry transmitters


Wireless communications


Synthesizers, especially where low phase noise is required


IQ modulators


BPSK transmitters


GMSK transmitters


GMSK receivers


BPSK transmitters


GPS circuits, systems, and applications


Medical electronics


Bluetooth applications


Zigbee applications


LC and microwave filters for RF and microwave designs


Along with an extensive suite of software for the simulation of rf and microwave circuits, Aerospace Consulting also has simulation tools for RF system design and microwave system design.

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