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Receiver Design, Development, Simulation, and Prototyping

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Receivers are, arguably, the most important part of any RF or microwave communications system. Of course, they all require transmitters, but transmitters are often fairly simple, and the performance of most wireless designs depends more on the receiver design and performance than on the transmitter design and performance. Also, receivers are often much more complex than transmitters since they usually involve mixers and their translation of one frequency to another with the attendant spurious signals that can destroy the performance of a communications system if they are not properly accounted for.


Receiver design requires careful frequency planning and simulation of the entire system to ensure that everything works together properly. Without this advance planning, your receiver design is probably going be be very problematic and not meet expectations.


Aerospace Consulting has had decades of experience in designing receivers of all sorts, and for almost every imaginable purpose. We have the RF and microwave design and simulation tools to design your receiver so that it works the way you want, quickly and at a reasonable cost.


For simulation, we use the following tools:


Keysight (formerly Agilent) Genesys Design and Simulation Suite

    Genesys -- Linear circuit design simulation

    Harbec -- non-linear circuit design simulation

    Cayenne -- non-linear, time domain, circuit design simulation

    A/filter -- analog filter design, synthesis, and simulation

    M/filter  -- microwave filter design, synthesis, and simulation

    PLL  -- phase locked loop design and simulation

    Oscillator -- oscillator design, development, and simulation

    Momentum GXF -- 2-1/2D electromagnetic simulation for filter and

        antenna design

    Spectrasys -- frequency domain system analysis

    WhatIf Frequency Planner -- essential for the designing of any

        communications system that uses mixing



Keysight (formerly Agilent) SystemVue

    System simulation package for the simulation of baseband, RF, and

    microwave systems including digital and DSP functions for modern

    communications systems and software defined radios


Matlab -- mathematical calculation and modeling


Intusoft IntuSpice -- SPICE non-linear circuit simulator


Altium Designer and Nanoboard -- for analog, RF, and microwave circuit

     board layout, as well as development of embedded hardware

     and software systems using Xilinx FPGAs


To ensure that our RF circuit design and microwave circuit design simulations are accurate, we use the full model suite for Genesys from Modelithics. These include substrate scalable models for inductors, capacitors, resistors, and non-linear active devices such as bipolar transistors, FETs, MESFETS, LDMOS devices, MOSFETs, PHEMTs, and other non-linear devices. These are used for filter design, amplifier design, and general circuit design.

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