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Proposal Assistance, Writing, and Simulation Services

amplifier, lna, doubler, mixer boards for fast new product design and prototyping. rf design, microwave design, ampliferi design, system design
XBee Zigbee development and evaluation boards for rapid prototype design and development and new product design and system design, rf design
Analog Devices AD9268 125 MSPS A/D Converter with HSC-ADC-EVALCZ Development System for prototype development and proposal
Telit product development kit, GPS product design, embedded cellular new product design, M2M product design, Internet of Things product design

Does your company need to prepare a proposal related to a new wireless design, rf design, microwave circuit design, high speed analog, or communications systems?  Aerospace Consulting can help with your proposal preparation.


We have the experience and software tools needed to create a winning proposal. Also, as a prototype company with extensive experience providing clients with prototype services, we can both simulate your new system and make measurements on rapid prototypes that we can provide your company with as part of our prototype design services. We also have demo and evaluation boards from many manufacturers that we can immediately put together as a prototype system on which we can make measurements to help validate your proposed design.  These demo and evaluation boards range from amplifiers, mixers, doublers, and switches to high speed A/D and DDS boards, as well as various synthesizer board covering both conventional and fractional-N synthesizers to about 6 GHz. We also have Telit development boards for their embedded cellular, GPRS, GPS, and M2M modules that include cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi. We also have development boards from Gumstix for rapid prototype development for embedded Linux systems that include Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, video, and USB. We also offer prototype services with Zigbee technology at both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz.


Whether your proposal is to a government agency,  or you need to receive a grant for an SBIR or similar proposal, or you need a proposal to present to potential investors for your invention design, we can provide you with the simulations, measurements, and prototypes to support your proposal.


Aerospace Consulting has worked with companies to help them win contracts with both large and small agencies.


For system design and development, we have the following software tools:


            Keysight (formerly Agilent) SystemVue (rf simulation, system

                 simulation, Bluetooth development, transmitter design,

                 receiver design, Zigbee development, digital radio design)


            Keysight (formerly Agilent) Genesys (RF design, LC filter design,

                 microwave filter design, antenna design, rf simulation)


            Matlab (general mathematics and simulation)


            Modelithics substrate scalable linear and non-linear models for



            SolidWorks (3D mechanical design and simulation)


            Integrated Engineering Solutions Singula and Chronos (antenna and

               EM design and simulation)


            Intusoft Intuspice (SPICE analog circuit simulation)



Aerospace Consulting has also worked with the following tools and can lease them, if necessary, to support your proposal effort:


          Keysight (formerly Agilent) ADS


          Keysight (formerly Agilent) EMPro


          Ansoft HFSS


          CST Microwave Studio



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