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Over 30 years RF, microwave, and antenna design and consulting services

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Past Work

Key fob, short range communications, wireless communications, saw transmitters, Silicon Labs, EZRadio, Si4010, Si4355 development

Over the last 32 plus years, Aerospace Consulting has performed many types of work for many types and sizes of organizations. But, to summarize some of the more significant work, we have created the following list. This list is only representative of some of the work performed by Aerospace Consulting LLC. If you or your company needs rf circuit design and development, prototype design, simulation, RF layout using Altium Designer and PCAD, or troubleshooting on virtually any electronic circuit or system, Aerospace Consulting can help you. And, your project does not have to be huge; anything from a few hours to many months is considered. And, not only can Aerospace Consulting help you with your product design, but if you do not have your own manufacturing capabilities, Aerospace Consulting can hook you up with contract manufacturers who can take over once the initial prototype design is completed. Aerospace Consulting is a prototype company that can take your idea from concept through pre-production.


Some of the prototype design and RF, microwave, and wireless design services that we have performed include:


Microstrip patch antenna and patch array design and development


High power pulse amplifiers for DME and TACAN


Load pull measurements for high power amplifiers


High power jammer design and development for military as well as Visual

       Basic test software to test that jammer


Active GPS jammer remediation system including antenna array and

       nulling circuitry -- including development of the necessary

       embedded software


Transmitter design, receiver design, and rf layout for an invention design

       licensed by a client for body scanning system (similar to what is used

       at airports for weapon screening)


Unique antenna design for long range (100 meter plus) Bluetooth circuit


Assisted client develop high power, low frequency amplifier for medical market


Assisted client with design and development of miniature 5 watt telemetry

       transmitter using Feher QPSK. (Very similar to O-QPSK) Article

       written on project with permission of client was cover story for  the

       September 2003 issue of RF Design, now Mobile Dev & Design


Downconverter for digital receiver


Broadband, fast scanning receiver


 LC filter design for many transmitter design and receiver design projects

        from 1 to 1000 MHz


Development of low cost, ultra-broadband amplifiers covering up to 26.5



Microwave filter design and development from 1.5 GHz through over 12



Various low-pass filter designs from a few MHz to many GHz


Range improvement for control of robotic system


Helped clients resolve various problems with amplifiers that oscillated


Ultra-small, low power transmitters and beacons for item location using

       SAW technology


Various short range Bluetooth circuit applications


Various low phase noise synthesizers from 100 MHz through over 3 GHz


Extensive frequency planning and detailed system simulation for

       transmitter design and receiver design


Range improvement on various key fob and similar short range

        communications projects


Microstrip patch antenna and antenna array for various applications

        from 900 MHz to over 8 GHz


Unique microstrip patch antenna array for producing both null and

        broadside patterns for avionics testing


Key member of a team of consultants helping an aerospace company

       develop a proposal for a new UHF digital radio system for the US



Designed new amplifier for aerospace company to replace high power

       amplifier module. The new module was needed because the old

       power transistors were no longer available. The really interesting

       part of this  design was that the gain, and phase, response of the

       new amplifier had to be identical to that of the old amplifier.


Performed technology research for a large aerospace company to help

       them determine whether a particular technology was worth

       acquiring.            .


Worked with a company to help them determine what was necessary for

       an adequate ground station for a very interesting deep space

       communications project.


Worked with a company that had a problem with the antenna radiation

       patterns from a packaged device. It had several antennas in it, all of

       which worked well on their own. But, electromagnetic simulation of

       the overall package, including internal structure such as circuit

       boards and batteries revealed the problems.


Designed, simulated, and developed a hybrid coupler that helped a

       company win an aerospace related contract.


Designed and developed QPSK and other I/Q modulators for various



Measured the dielectric constant and loss characteristics of a material

       that had to have a new antenna design embedded in it.


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