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New Product Design and Development

New product design, development, and prototyping is one of the primary services offered by Aerospace Consulting. For over 30 years, Aerospace Consulting has worked with companies and individual inventors to design, develop, prototype, and bring into production their product ideas and inventions. Aerospace Consulting has the software and test equipment that is essential to design, develop, and prototype new products, especially if they involve RF, microwave, or wireless systems.


New product development is unique in that it spans a huge range of abilities and disciplines. Aerospace Consulting is uniquely qualified to work with you, or your company, to design, develop, and prototype your new product.


While Aerospace Consulting does not perform volume manufacturing, we have a number of companies that we work with that can handle volumes ranging from a few prototypes to tens of thousands of units.


Many companies are only interested in working with you if you have a product that will be produced in quantities over 100,000 units. While you may think that your new product will become the next iPhone, we all know that those types of volumes are unrealistic for most new products. Rather than plead with the companies that are only interested in projects that will sell hundreds of thousands of units, or even millions of units, call Aerospace Consulting. We will design your new product and help you get it produced in quantities ranging from a few hundred units to  tens of thousands of units. Once you pass a few tens of thousands of units, the "big boys" may be willing to talk to you, and you can then let them produce the design developed by Aerospace Consulting.


Another factor to consider is the fact that some companies that make most of their income from manufacturing may make you an extremely attractive price to develop your product. Maybe they'll even offer to develop the product for free, provided that you give them the manufacturing contract. Who do you think really benefits from that arrangement? Hire Aerospace Consulting to design and develop your new product design and then you can take that to multiple manufacturers, anywhere in the world, and let them bid on the manufacturing. And, you can change manufacturers as your new product grows in popularity and volume. While one manufacturing company may be ideally set up to produce your first several thousand units, they are probably not the company to have manufacture your product has the quantities go into the high tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of units


Aerospace Consulting has the experience, software, test equipment, and industry connections (in terms of manufacturing) to bring your product dream to reality.


So, whether you are a large company with a new product development project, or a small company, entrepreneur, or inventor with an new product design idea, give Aerospace Consulting a call to design, develop, and prototype your new product. Or drop us an e-mail.



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