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Key Fob and Similar Low-Power Wireless Circuit and System Design, Development, Simulation, Prototyping, and  Troubleshooting

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Devices and systems using wireless circuit design and development are becoming ubiquitous today. It seems that almost everything has wireless connectivity of some sort. The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is rapidly becoming a reality. However, new product design and development is fraught with potential pitfalls when you are dealing with a wireless circuit. While many engineers are used to developing software, and working with microprocessors and low frequency circuits, "strange" problems can arise as frequencies get into the hundreds, and especially, thousands, of MHz. And, most of the low power, FCC Part 15 devices, use a Bluetooth or Zigbee circuit, or a low power transmitter circuit or receiver circuit commonly known as a key fob product.


Each technology is unique and each offers distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on the final wireless design requirements. Aerospace Consulting is a product design, development, and prototype company that has worked with all of the technologies listed below. We can offer invention design services to help get your prototype development to a point where you can try to take your new product design to market.


Many of the wireless technologies start at about 400 MHz with key fobs and other similar low power devices. As benign as low power communications may seem, from reading the various data sheets and application notes from the manufacturers, if you do not have the years of experience, as well as the software tools and test equipment needed for RF circuit design, microwave circuit design, and analog circuit and system design and development, you will probably find that your project is taking much longer to bring to market than you had hoped. Also, all of these wireless products require antennas. You can have the best wireless product design in the world, as far as the basic design is concerned, but if it is not properly packaged, and you don't have a good antenna, your product will not work as desired.


Also, some products simply may not work in your particular application because of limitations in many of the product offerings that are compromises between performance, cost, and battery life. If you don't know how to properly evaluate the specifications, or how to actually test the units before you commit to a wireless new product design, you may be disappointed with the result. In the worst case, you may have to restart your design with a totally different technology or approach.


Aerospace Consulting has extensive experience with various RF, microwave, wireless and short range communication technologies. We can put that experience to work for you to save you cost and time to market.


Some of the technologies that we have worked with include:






Embedded cellular and GPRS






SAW circuits


Synthesizers and Phase Locked Loops (PLL)


Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)


Wireless circuit and system simulation


Microstrip and miniature antenna design, development, simulation and prototyping


Simulation of package/electronics/antenna to see if packaging is causing major product range or directionality issues


Various unlicensed (FCC part 15) short range transceivers



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