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Over 30 years RF, microwave, and antenna design and consulting services

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Expert Witness, Technology Consulting, and Technical Writing Services

Microwave measurements, RF measurements, electronics performance evaluation, electronics measurement and characterization
phase noise, phase noise measurement, electronic system evaluation, microwave and rf measurements

Do you need the services of an expert witness in the area of technology, science, physics, RF or microwave design, transmitters, receivers or other related technologies? If so, call Aerospace Consulting. Ed Troy has extensive experience and education in these areas and is ready to work with you to win your case. Also, Aerospace Consulting has a full suite of software and a full laboratory of test equipment to evaluate the situation and run simulations and to analyze complex data.


Do you need the services of a technology expert to help you evaluate a technology or company for acquisition? If so, call Aerospace Consulting. Ed Troy would be happy to work with you to evaluate the technology involved.


Do you need to write a book, paper, or magazine article that involves technology, but you are not comfortable with the technology details or with writing? If so, call Aerospace Consulting. We can either perform the writing, or edit your writing. Do you have a new product and need ap-notes or manuals written for the product? Aerospace Consulting can take that task off your to-do list and put it on your done list.

Key fob development, key fob evaluation, electronic circuit evaluation and design
System simulation, rf simulation, microwave simulation, electronic circuit and system simulaton

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