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Key fob and short range communications systems development, rf design, rf circuit design
Zigbee design and development, XBee, 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, RF circuit design, microwave circuit design
Gumstix, embedded Linux, camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, embedded RF circuit design, embedded microwave circuit design
Synthesizer development boards from National Insturments, RF Microdevices, Analog Devices, ADF4156, RF2051, LMX2485, LMX2471, LMX2480, LMX2326
Telit cellular, GPRS, GPS development boards for RF design and microwave design and prototype development and product development and design
AD9268 125 MHz A/D converter, HSC-ADC_EVALCZ evaluation and development system for new product design and new product development and prototype
Altium Nanoboard, FPGA development with Xilinx, embedded software, DSP for new product design and development and prototype development
Microstrip patch antenna, microstrip patch antenna array, rf antenna design, microwave antenna design
microwave upconverter, microwave circuit design, rf circuit design, rf circuit simulation, microwave circuit simulation, transmitter design


A critical function that Aerospace Consulting has performed for clients over the last 30 plus years has been related to helping them to get proper performance from their RF, microwave, and wireless circuit designs and  products. Many times a company designs a product, but it does not work the way they hoped it would, or it does not meet FCC requirements when they go to get the required certification. While Aerospace Consulting does not have a calibrated, certified FCC test facility, it does have a calibrated horn antenna and spectrum analyzers with which it it can perform pre-compliance testing. By spending a small amount of money on a pre-compliance test, you can often save thousands of dollars in wasted official testing for a product that will not pass FCC Part 15 requirements without changes that Aerospace Consulting can recommend.


Aerospace Consulting has the capabilities to bring your design goals to fruition in the frequency range of DC to 26.5 GHz. The company has extensive experience in design, development, simulation, optimization, and troubleshooting of circuits in this frequency range such as:


     Key fob products  -- Let Aerospace Consulting design and develop

          your low power and/or short range communications product.


    Low noise synthesizers, both regular and fractional-N, to over 20



     Low noise amplifiers   (LNAs) to over 20 GHz


     Power amplifiers up to 1000 watts


     Receivers from a few MHz to over 20 GHz


     Downconverters to over 20 GHz


     Upconverters to over 20 GHz


     Filters including discrete and microstrip from a few MHz to over 20


               Low pass, band pass, high pass, and notch


     Transmitter design from a few MHz to over 20 GHz


     Transceiver design from a few MHz to over 20 GHz


      Receiver design from a few MHz to over 20 GHz


     Bluetooth products  -- You will be surprised to discover the range that

          some of  our clients have achieved with Bluetooth technology


     Zigbee products  -- You will be surprised to discover the range Zigbee

          can offer your products


     IoT (Internet of Things) products   Is your product up to the task?

          If not, Aerospace Consulting can help your product to become part

          of the IoT. It is much easier to connect your product to the cellular

          and other network than you think!


     M2M (Machine to Machine) products   Does your product talk to the

          internet? If not, Aerospace Consulting can make the necessary

          changes  to connect your product to the internet and the other

          machines on the internet using products from Telit and other



     Low power FCC Part-15 compliant devices


     Avionics amplifiers such as DME, TACAN, Mode-S and others


     Antenna design, development, and simulation, and measurement on

         our small antenna range


     EM (ElectroMagnetic) simulation of circuit boards, systems, and



     Complex Modulators and transmitters

          Ed Troy helped Herley Industries to develop a miniature 5 watt

          Fehrer  QPSK transmitter as described in this Mobile Dev &

          article from_2003  (originally in RF Design Magazine)


     Circuit board layout using Altium Designer


     Embedded software development for PIC and Linux based

           processors (such as Gumstix)


     Directional coupler design and development


     Circuit and system simulation from DC through over 20 GHz using

         tools such as:

            Keysight (formerly Agilent) SystemVue (system simulation)


            Keysight (formerly Agilent) Genesys (RF, microwave, filter design,



            Altium Designer (circuit board layout and FPGA development)


            Matlab (general mathematics and simulation)


            Modelithics substrate scalable linear and non-linear models for



            SolidWorks (3D mechanical design and simulation)


          Integrated Engineering Solutions Singula and Chronos (antenna

               and EM design and simulation)


          Intusoft Intuspice (SPICE analog circuit simulation)


          PCAD an older program for circuit board layout. We don't use this

               much since it been replaced by Altium Designer, but if a client

               has an old PCAD design that they need updated, we can use

               PCAD and save them a lot of money since the design does not

               have to be redesgned in Altium Designer.


     Aerospace Consulting has also worked with the following tools:


          Keysight (formerly Agilent) ADS


          Keysight (formerly Agilent) EMPro


          Ansoft HFSS


          CST Microwave Studio


     Full laboratory suite of test equipment covering

          Spectrum analysis   30 Hz through 26.5 GHz


          Vector network analysis   30 kHz through 26.5 GHz


          Vector signal analysis   10 kHz through 13 GHz


          Noise figure measurement   10 MHz through 26.5 GHz


          Waveform analysis (oscilloscope) -- DC through 30 GHz


          Antenna pattern measurement   1 through 18 GHz


          Amplifier power measurement to 1000 watts   DC through 3 GHz

               (100+ watts through 5 GHz)


          Logic Analysis through 333 MHz


          Load pull testing 100 MHz through 12.4 GHz



Whether you are a small company or inventor that does not normally get involved in RF, microwave, or wireless design, or a large company that just needs some extra engineering support during a busy period, Aerospace Consulting is here to serve you. Aerospace Consulting has worked with all size companies from individual inventors and start-ups through very large corporations and government agencies. Does your company have an SBIR program and needs some additional help or outsourcing-- Aerospace Consulting is here to serve you. Are you a large government contracting company that needs to out-source some work to a small business -- Aerospace Consulting is here to serve you. Are you an inventor that needs to have a prototype of your invention designed and built? Call Aerospace Consulting.


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