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Antenna and Antenna Array Design, Development, Simulation, and Prototyping

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Antenna design, development, simulation, and measurement is becoming increasingly important as more products embrace the freedom afforded by  wireless communications. For most people, however, microstrip and printed antenna design and development is almost impossible because it requires sophisticated and expensive software and test equipment, and years of experience to leverage that software and technology. Sure, anyone can design a 1/2 wave dipole or quarter wave whip antenna, but those topologies are not generally useful in modern wireless product design. Clients need sophisticated microstrip patch antenna design, or the design of microstrip patch antenna arrays.  Alternatively, many new product designs, today, require miniature printed antennas, slotted antennas, or broad-band microstrip antennas such as Vivaldi, fractal, F, and other types. Aerospace Consulting can help you with your new product design by developing the antennas that you need, or help you to get better performance from your existing RF and microwave antennas.


Aerospace Consulting has the necessary software, and experience in the use of other software programs that it does not own, for antenna design, development, simulation, and modeling. Specifically, Aerospace Consulting has Keysight (formerly Agilent) Momentum GXF for 2-1/2 D antenna design and development, as well as EM simulation for debugging problematic circuits. We also have Singula and Chronos from Integrated Engineering Software for antenna design and for analyzing embedded antennas to account for not only the antenna, but the surrounding box, electronics, batteries, etc. We also have experience using EMPro from Keysight, HFSS from Ansys, and Microwave Studio from CST and can lease these products, if necessary, to meet your antenna design and simulation needs. We also have a computer with 24 cores and 64 GB of RAM that was built specifically for compute-intensive tasks like EM (ElectroMagnetic) simulation.


Aerospace Consulting also has a small antenna range and a calibrated horn antenna. This range can be used to measure antenna patterns, as well as the patterns of antennas that are embedded in a product, from 1 to 18 GHz.  (We can also simulate, of course, the performance of an antenna within a product as well as we can simulate the performance of an antenna in free space.)


Aerospace Consulting also has experience in determining the dielectric characteristics of new materials that you may need to use in your design, but you don't know, and the manufacturer can't provide you with, the dielectric constant and loss characteristics of that new material.


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