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Over 30 years RF, microwave, and antenna design and consulting services

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RF, Microwave, and Antenna Design, Development, Prototyping, Troubleshooting, and Simulation

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Aerospace Consulting is an engineering consulting and product design and development company that concentrates in the area of RF, microwave, and wireless design. Electronic circuit design services covers the frequency range of DC to 26.5 GHz. Aerospace Consulting has worked for companies ranging from individual inventors and small companies that do not have the software and test equipment required for RF, microwave, and antenna design to huge companies  that need some temporary help, or an outside opinion.


While Aerospace Consulting got its start working for companies in the aerospace industry, most of today's customers are not in the aerospace industry. The majority of clients, in recent years, have been small to medium companies that need to develop a product that uses RF, microwave, or wireless technology to enhance the user experience or to bring their products into the Internet of Things (IoT.)


Whether you need a new product designed, help getting your product design to work properly, or engineering design and consulting services to get your company through a particularly busy period, contact Aerospace Consulting! You'll get fast service at a reasonable price.







Customer Comment:

I am part owner of a small business that was running into trouble with an important contract.  We contacted Ed about our issue and he responded quickly with a thorough response and a very reasonable estimate.  Ed got started right away, and was very communicative throughout the process.  With his help we got the project done on time.  Even though the job was small Ed was dedicated to make sure that we were successful.  We are lucky to have found someone that we can count on for help when we need it.


- Matt, Satellite Hardware Developer




RF design simulation, RF system simulation, microwave design simulation, microwave system simulation, upconverter simulation

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