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Over 30 years of new product design & development using RF design, microwave circuit design & wireless technology

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RF Design and Microwave Design, Development, Prototyping, Troubleshooting, Simulation

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Customer Comment:

I am part owner of a small business that was running into trouble with an important contract.  We contacted Ed about our issue and he responded quickly with a thorough response and a very reasonable estimate.  Ed got started right away, and was very communicative throughout the process.  With his help we got the project done on time.  Even though the job was small Ed was dedicated to make sure that we were successful.  We are lucky to have found someone that we can count on for help when we need it.


- Matt, Satellite Hardware Developer




Aerospace Consulting is a product design and development company that concentrates in the area of RF design and microwave design. Electronic circuit design services covers the frequency range of DC to 26.5 GHz. While many companies and market segments have been served, the bulk of our clients are:


Large engineering design and development firms that need temporary engineering services.


Companies wanting to develop a software defined radio (SDR) product, or use that technology to develop new test equipment or radar.


Inventors that need a prototype designed and developed.


Avionics companies that need a new design, or assistance finding replacement parts or new designs for power amplifier devices, frequency generation, and other similar issues.


Small companies that need help with RF design or microwave design.


Companies of all size that need assistance with proposal generation.


Companies that need basic research and development performed in the area of RF design and microwave design.


Companies that need independent research or opinions on technology for acquisition or expert services for law suits.


Companies that want to add M2M (Machine to Machine) capabilities to their product with cellular, GPRS, and other technologies.


Companies that want to add their product to the "Internet of Things" (IoT).


Companies that need a circuit or system simulation run on their new or proposed product.


Companies that need a new antenna design for their product, or that need to analyze why their antennas are not radiating as desired.


Companies that need a power amplifier or low noise amplifier design.


Companies that need load pull testing done on a power or low-noise device.


Companies that need help increasing the range of their wireless product.


Companies that need help with a wireless design or that need a new wireless design.


Companies that need help troubleshooting a new product design.


Companies or individuals that need training in RF and microwave design, simulation, testing, tuning, and use of test equipment.


Aerospace Consulting works on a wide range of RF designs and microwave designs. We also provide circuit board layout for RF and microwave circuit designs using Altium Designer and PCAD. Some of the RF and microwave designs that we have worked on include the following:








GPS, GLONASS, and other geopositioning features added to products


Add cellular, Wifi, and other features to products for the Internet of Things


ISM designs and products


Part 15 designs and products


New product design using electronics, especially RF and microwave








Power Amplifiers


Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)


SDR -- Software Defined Radio


CW Radar






Embedded RF and microwave circuits and designs, including software development using PIC processors


New product design using Xilinx FPGAs


Low power RF and microwave communications systems


Cellular amplifiers


Microwave filters


RF filters


LC filters


Directional couplers


If you need design or simulation services for your new product design, or you need help troubleshooting an RF or microwave design, give Aerospace Consulting a call. We love to design and develop new products and help clients achieve their product design goals.






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Over 30 years of RF circuit design, microwave circuit design, and wireless new product development